Visit to Buckley Cross Chapel No 105

On Wednesday the 7th November 2018, I braved the journey south along the M6 from my home in Leyland on my way to Buckley Cross Chapel, who now meet in Chester at the Queen Street Masonic Hall.

It was my first visit to Chester on Masonic Business and there is always a feeling of not knowing what to expect. I was certainly not disappointed, the building is a fine example of a well-established hall, steeped in tradition, plenty of dark oak woodwork and twisting corridors that you feel you never find your way back to Lodge Room should you stray too far.

This was not a problem; my hosts were always ‘not far away’ making sure I didn’t get lost.

In no time at all we were sat in the Chapel waiting for the opening. I had time to catch up with an old friend Sir Harry of Benfro KC, the Past RW Grand Preceptor for Wessex, who had come up to visit the Chapel as a guest of Sir Fraser of Gariochsford. Fraser Fowlie.

It was comforting for me to look around the room at so many friends that I’ve made as KT Chancellor of Lancashire with the Cheshire and North Wales Provincial KT hierarchy being present in goodly numbers, Sir Anthony of Nantwich, Tony Mathie acting as Prior, and Sir Michael of the Roft, Michael Steggles, as Master. We were bound to be in for a good night.

And they did not disappoint me! The main business of the night was to Install two new brother knights, and the Sir’s Andrew of Castletown & David of Murcia were admitted in a superb manner by the team.

Following this and during the risings I have the honour of presenting six knights with their membership certificates, including the two new knights.

The Chapel had been consecrated and met, as the name suggests at Buckley Cross. The venue was not right for the Chapel, which started to suffer membership issues. Fortunately, enough members decided to do something about it and among other measures moved the Chapel to Chester. Since then it has flourished and it now mother Chapel to a young and vibrant membership who know how to work and play.

After the Ceremonial, we retired to the Festive board which was a delightful meal, suitable washed down by as much wine and port as you could manage. Why was I driving tonight!

The wine taking, and toasts were short and around 10pm I was on my way back to the Motorway to head north feeling well satisfied at having spent another evening in the company of good friends.

My thanks to the Secretary, Sir David of the Dee, Meacher-Jones, for making the arrangements at short notice for my visit and all the knights of the Chapel for the welcome and hosopitality.

Sir Michael of Accrington KH

Mike Beesley, Grand Secretary

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