Grand Preceptor of Wessex Annual Meeting

It was a hot and sunny day when members and visitors gathered for the Grand Preceptor’s Annual Council in June 2014. In addition to the usual business, four banners were dedicated. This is a colourful ceremony not often seen in ‘quadruplicate’. The first banner Reginald Fitzjocelyn No 74 was brought into the Temple escorted by four bodyguards and presented to the RW Grand

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Canterbury Pilgrimage 29th September 2018

The Pilgrimage As any member of our Order knows, Thomas Becket, Canterbury and Devotion are keywords! We as an Order have been attending Canterbury Cathedral for many years to pay our homage to our God and respect the memory of that Great Inspiration to us as an Order, Thomas Becket. Sadly, due to matters outside

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Consecration of New Chapels in Brazil

Consecration of Three Chapels and Constitution of the Province of South America and more! Very early on a cold and damp morning Friday the 11th January 2019, The Most Worthy Grand Master, Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton and a small number of the Grand Team set off on the long journey over to Rio de Janerio

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