Consecration of Saint Gregoire de Tours Chapel No 133

On Saturday the 6th of April 2019, the MW Grand Master, Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton KH, accompanied by a small but enthusiastic number of the Grand Team went to Tours in France for the purpose of consecrating our newest Chapel.

Since the Consecration of Saint Jean d’Acre Chapel, No. 110 which works in Paris (in English), on the 31st May of 2014, the Order has blossomed very nicely with Chapels now working (in French) in Nice, Toulouse, Albi, Vienne and Villeneuve D’Ascq. A further chapel works in Paris (in French) and Saint Gregoire de Tours Chapel No 133 at Tours take the number of Chapels to eight in five years!

Our French colleagues were rewarded for their enthusiasm for our ceremonial when the Province of France was constituted on 16th October 2016 by Sir Melvyn.

Their Right Worthy Grand Preceptor for France, Sir Christian of Marzan, Christian Pajolec, works tirelessly ably assisted by his Provincial Prior Sir Dominique of Montmirail, Dominique Madej, Provincial Marshal, Sir Bernard of Tyre, Bernard Wakim and not forgetting that very hard-working Knight the Provincial  Secretary, Sir Jean-Paul of Tourgeville. Jean-Paul Dupinay, who is also Asst Grand Secretary in the Order, to spread the ‘Word’ not only across France but into those surrounding areas which are, as yet, not served by Order. The signs are looking good with much talk of further expansion in Europe.

Tours is an historical town with many links to Templar Masonry and whilst in the Area several of the team took the opportunity to take in the local culture.

The New Chapel will work from the Masonic Hall in Tours (8 rue de la Bourde) and meets on the 2nd Thursday of October (I) and June, at 10.00 am. If you are in the area, take your regalia, you are sure of a good French welcome.

Once the Grand Master had consecrated the Chapel and the officers had been invested, he invested Sir Jean-Paul as Asst. Grand Secretary and welcomed him into the Grand Team.

The knights retired to the restaurant to complete the days work, all wash down with superb wines from the Region.

The photographs  show

  1. Sir Christian of Marzan, RW Grand Preceptor for France, Sir Dominique of Montmirail, RE Grand Prior of France, Worthy Master,  Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton KH Grand Master, Sir Lee of Bromley by Bow, Grand Prior and (stood of the  right) Sir James of Nijmegen KC, Grand Marshal.
  2. The Knight present.
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