Consecration of New Chapels in Brazil

Consecration of Three Chapels and Constitution of the Province of South America and more!

Very early on a cold and damp morning Friday the 11th January 2019, The Most Worthy Grand Master, Sir Melvyn of Wud Plumpton and a small number of the Grand Team set off on the long journey over to Rio de Janerio to consecrate Three New Chapels and form the Province of South America.

The trip, for the main group involved getting to Manchester Airport, flying down to Charles de Gaul Airport in Paris and then changing planes for the final leg over to Brazil.

As you will appreciate, whilst Brazil is only two hours behind the UK, the distance is considerable, and we were in the air for around 14 hours in total.

On disembarking in in Rio, we found that our luggage hadn’t landed with us!

The temperatures, in the mid 30’s most of the time, made for a very uncomfortable day waiting for it to catch up with us, fortunately we had planned time to acclimatise and didn’t need our regalia until the Monday, so all was well eventually.

Sir Alexander of Rio de Janerio had sorted out our accommodation and entertained us in that time, but in no time at all, we were off to the Masonic Hall in ‘Downtown Rio’ to prepare ourselves for the ceremonial.

As at all these events, the ceremonial is arranged and circulated around those involved well in advance of our setting off on the journey, but when 90% of those attending those ceremonies doesn’t speak English and 100% of us don’t speak Portuguese, anything can happen!

Again, Alexander came to the for and was able to translate all that was needed to the founding Knights of the Chapels, and the ceremonies went off without a hitch, well that is ignoring me murdering the Portuguese Language when pronouncing the Knights names as they were appointed! At least it got a laugh all round!!

On the first day, the Grand Master consecrated:

Master Felício de Paulo Chapel, No 129

Venerável Mestre Padre João Ribeiro Chapel, No 130.

Spiritus Sanctus Chapel

On the Second day Spiritus Sanctus Chapel, No. 132 was Consecrated and then The Most Worthy Grand Master called for the Grand Marshal, Sir James of Nijmegen to be presented to him.

The Grand Master then promoted Sir James to the Honour and Dignity of the Rank of Knight Caritas.

All applauded this popular Promotion.

The consecration of the three new Chapels takes Brazil to four units with their mother Chapel Grão Mestre Desembargador Murilo Pinto Chapel No. 113 and following a short break in proceedings the Grand Team re-entered and the Province of South America was constituted.

The Grand Team with RW Grand Preceptor and Provincial Officers

Sir Alexander of Rio de Janerio was appointed as the first Right Worthy Grand Preceptor of the Province. He then appointed and invested his Provincial Team before we left them to discharge their domestic duties.

The RW Grand Preceptor with his Team

After each of the Ceremonies, we had a photo call, to place on record what a wonderful time we had all had in such great company.

The RW Grand Preceptor Sir Alexander of Brazil, The Grand Master, Provincial Grand Prior Sir Elidinei of Jundiahy and The Grand Prior

The following day, we all pack our cases and set of back home. When the main party reached Manchester, this time with luggage! It was a magnificent 1° with a biting wind chill making it feel colder than ever.

The RW Grand Preceptor of Brazil and The Grand Master

Those from the Grand Team who went to assist the Grand Master, were Sir Lee of Bromley by Bow, KH, Grand Prior, Sir James of Nijmegen, KC, Grand Marshal, Sir Michael of Accrington, KH, Grand Secretary, Sir Terence of Mildenhall, Grand Historian, Sir William of Marchwood, Protector of Canterbury, Sir Antony of Cottam, Grand Sword Bearer and Sir Daniel of St Albans Assistant Grand Marshal.

The Grand Master sends his thanks to all involved for a successful visit to Brazil.

Sir Michael of Accrington, KH.

RW Grand Secretary

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