Brazil Goes from Strength to Strength

Grão Mestre Desembargador Murilo Pinto Chapel No 113, was consecrated at Kings Heath Masonic Hall, Birmingham on Monday the 16th April 2014, a day I remember well.

A number of Masons from Brazil had come over to the UK joining other orders and were intending returning to Brazil to develop those Orders, and why not take our special Order with them back to São Paulo!

As Deputy Grand Secretary at that time, I was Acting as Grand Secretary for the consecration and there was much that made the day memorable, not least was hearing the Lords Prayer recited in Portuguese by the candidates.

It was my first visit to Kings Heath and Chapel of the Holy Innocent No XIII, who meet there were our hosts for the day admitting the knights before the New Chapel was consecrated.

I, in addition to the other members of the Consecrating Team, were made honorary members of the Chapel as is customary on these occasions.

When I was appointed as Grand Secretary, I had need to contact Chapel on some constitutional issues and as a result Grand Masters Council took direct control of the Chapel and Sir Alexander of Rio de Janeiro, Alexander Mazolli Lisboa, a member of the Chapel, was appointed as an Assistant Grand Secretary and given the task of putting the Chapel back into Constitutional Order. This he has done in an exceptional manner.

The Chapel found a new meeting place and is now uninfluenced by ‘outside parties’.

Alexander is a very capable mason and is frequently over here in Europe where he is a member of several orders. His range of contacts both in the UK and Brazil is second to none.

Such is his circle of friends and acquaintances that 113 now has an active membership of seventy-nine knights.

The Chapel has already sufficient members who have successfully petitioned to form another Chapel in Rio de Janeiro to be called Master Felício de Paulo Chapel and will be numbered 129. On the 15th of August they admitted by dispensation a further 19 knights, 17 of whom are to form a Chapel in Recife and the remaining 2 are members of 113.

113 already has one member from Vitória, in the State of Espirito Santo, and he will be joined by a further20 in October. They will then go on to form a Chapel based in Espírito Santo.     

All this adds to work of the Grand Master and his team and the consecrations will now take place sometime early in 2019.

Well done Alexander and well done 113.

Michael of Accrington KH

Grand Secretary 

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